Kathakar : a Sanskrit term for "one who tells a story"
… and also a new podcast, diving into the world's important turning points in history.


The Kathakar Podcast, proudly brought to you by Kathakar Media, seeks to analyze and dissect important turning points in history along with other complex historical events and developments with an interdisciplinary approach. Join Arnab, Ansh, and Aniruddh as they discuss these topics with esteemed historians, researchers, and story-tellers from across the world.

In our episodes, we try to emphasize the importance of research techniques and methods of analysis in the field of history, as several of our conversations include developing an understanding of the role of quantitative methods in elucidating sequences of events and causal effects of events. With these discussions, we hope to give our audience a picture of how past events have shaped today’s societies and how they affected the common individual.

Our episodes are currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, RadioPublic, Pocket Casts, Breaker, and several other services.

For more information or episode suggestions, please feel free to email us at kathakarpodcast@gmail.com.


Arnab Sircar

Arnab is a senior at Unionville High School with a keen interest in topics ranging from mathematics and technology to economic and societal matters. He looks for common and interesting patterns in diverse environments and tries to understand the how and the why. Arnab likes to look at maps, explore his heritage and the Bengali language, fly drones, and solve Rubik's cubes.

Ansh Patel

Ansh is a senior at Unionville High School with an interest in computers and Cyber Security. He has been actively working with other people with similar interests and trying to push for new technology for the world. Ansh enjoys to learn new things, travel whenever he can, and learn his own family history and religion.

Aniruddh Mutnuru

Aniruddh is a senior at Unionville High School. As one of the hosts, he researches and coordinates sessions with his team members. In college, he hopes to major in computer science and loves to talk with his friends.

Arjun Suryawanshi

Arjun is a sophomore at Unionville High School. He is currently the audio editor for Kathakar and edits the videos for clarity along with adding the intro, outro, and music. He participates in the school's debate team and math club and loves to be a part of both of them. Outside of school, he plays the guitar and chess, playing the latter at a competitive level in middle school.

Connor Biederman

Connor Biederman is a senior at Unionville High School. He is the social media manager for the podcast and has had a passion for history since he was a child.

Erik Chou

Erik is a senior at Unionville High School interested in building web applications and learning WebGL. He is planning to major in Computer Science with a focus on pushing the boundaries of web-based experiences. In his free time, he likes backpacking and playing volleyball.

Simon Hjaltason

Simon is an art student with a passion for graphic design. He is fluent in graphic design programs such as GIMP, which he uses to design the art for all of the Kathakar Podcast. In addition to his skills in design, he excels in his many AP courses as a Unionville High School Senior.

Adam Luo

Adam is a senior at Unionville High School with a passion for biology and chemistry. He loves learning about the anatomy and physiology of various organisms. In his free time, he enjoys watching dissection videos and documentaries, listening to classical music, and reading. As the general manager, Adam keeps tabs on progress and helps maintain the projects on schedule.


For media, appearance, or general inquiries, contact us at: kathakarpodcast@gmail.com